Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Great Minds Think (Different)

To explain...the picture below most likely makes no sense at all...so here is the story. I went in to take a psychological survey/test. My roommate is working on a psych project and hoping to get over 100 participants for his experiment. I decided that it would be a fun experience to have them hook me up to electro-magnetic goodies and the fun began.

The first test was to play the video game Portal. Portal is partly a strategy and gravity game for the Xbox 360. Well moving on...I played this game for what seemed to be quite some time and prided myself on getting through many levels.

The second part of the experiment was to organize these (what seemed like hundreds) of color scraps into categories listed on the sheet that I received. I find it safe to say that this is not close to as fun as the game had been. I found it to be quite trivial after 20 seconds (found some pieces were misfits) and decided that since they were playing a game on me that I would do the same. They were watching my reactions and brain waves the whole time. So with this in mind I turned the tables and made them the subjects so I could see their rea
ction. Who loves organizing a pile of scraps? Not me. So I started spelling out messages and creating pictures. The message below states "Make Art, Eff This" with an angry face to add emphasis.

The cards from the experiment layed out in 'my' fashion. "Make Art, Eff This"

When the experiment was done they basically told me that I was the first subject that was more stimulated during the second task. I guess art students should stay away from psychology experiments or maybe they are just too afraid to confess to being outsmarted by a designer. A little reverse-psychology never hurt anyone did it?

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