Monday, March 8, 2010

Blind Art: What Do We See?

This was my first try at light-graffiti. It was def a blast and a great deal of fun to mess with as well as challenging. I set my shutter speed between 1.5 seconds and as much as 20 at one point. Our photo class assignment was to take an 'action' picture and here is what I decided to try.
Side note (pictures are not Photo-shopped...the color is how the NEF color was recorded).


j e s s e l i n d h o r s t said...

i really like this dude! i really would like to give this a try as well. hmmmmm. try not to make it graffiti, take it a step further and make it more refined and accurate! haha, that would be really interesting

Jonathan Sollie said...

Good idea! I will have to spend more time messing with settings and lights. The more time I spend working with this idea the better it will get. I am currently trying to think of what to do for our 'special' project in photo. We don't need to have it complete til close to the end of the semester but I want to try and get an early start.