Friday, March 19, 2010

Google Will Soon Own The World!

When will Google stop? Or they may just monopolize every industry and take over the entire world. They do have enough financial backing to buy a country.....maybe North Korea? Possibly then we could have peaceful talks about nuclear weapons.
Google has teamed up with Sony and Intel to build the Google TV.
It will be running on the Android operating system and use sites like Hulu, Youtube, and apps for social networking sites. The television is supposed to run like your everyday HDTV as well as many other internet based features. Google has not come out and actually talked about what is in the works but they are possibly working on a Qwerty remote control....just one more item that will confuse those technologically behind the times (aka parents and old folk). Even though there has been no official new released about a great deal of the project details there has been quite a bit leaked to the internet. They control 9/10ths of the internet don't you would think they could delete web pages with information about their products?
I personally think that if they make this work right we will start having tele-puters rather than two separate items. Who watches live TV anyways....thats what Hulu and Tivo are for. I think that it would be great if they added 3D glasses and motion (wii-motes) to the mix....hehe. Oh Google you crazy kids! Just another way they will be incorporating themselves into everday life...we will have Google Home and you can find individual rooms in peoples houses and stalk your neighbors at night or babysit from next door. Just think of the possibilities. Pretty soon they will know whats in your dresser once they introduce the Google boxer line.

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