Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to Excuse Yourself from a Drinking Situation (hehe)

This next bulletin board is how to formulate excuses when you are hanging out with drinkers and are not drinking. Me and the designers came up with some much better excuses than the original ones which were terrible. Read the examples below and you will understand what I mean by terrible.

1. If someone asks
"Hey, everyone, how about doing a round of kamikaze shots?

You could say

"No thanks. The last time I did shots I puked up colors you've never even seen before."

2. If someone asks
"Why aren't you drinking?"

You could say

"You should've seen me last night, man. Then you'd have the ugly answer to that question." (You can say this even if you didn't drink last night!)

I am still working on formulating excuses that are clever and either very ridiculous or outlandish. This bulletin board project has been a large under taking but I decided to try a new illustration style for each one. I have 3.5 down and 1.5 more to go.

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