Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brilliant Horizon: How the Horizon is Illuminated

This is really an example of how my design evolves as I work through a concept. Looking back on my earlier ideas I am grateful that they stayed as concepts and did not bloom into anything. The final concept is finally coming together and I am overjoyed to see how it is turning out.

Total running time: 9 hours (7.21.10)

Cliche and boring.

Umm....so what is going on with the adolescent girl?

A sketch drawn in the middle of the morning. I came up with a genious idea halfway through REM sleep (or it seemed) and could not let it slip away. Quick sketch follow by continued REM sleep.

Fleshing out the final concept.

Finalizing color choices and cleaning up lines. Type still needs work.

Touched up the lines and colors.

Need to add a few typography edits and we should be good.

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