Sunday, December 20, 2009

Life Drawing: The Final

Well it is finally here folks! The final class period of Life Drawing 1 and what an adventure it has been (shedding a few tears a well). I mean that in all honesty. There are days when the drawing is coming along great and those where...lets say, not so much.
Looking back on my drawings from the first few weeks of class I want to curl up into fetal position and point to my neighbor and accuse him of the heinous crime of creating this bad drawing. We all know that wouldn't be fair to anyone so I just stick by my work and show how far it has come.
I can now draw a gesture drawing without spending half of the time trying to figure out how many and what direction they spine should start. Just yesterday I looked at my sketchbook from before this class...lets say it was alright. Looking at my sketches from the last week, so much better! All this hard work has payed off. As I stated in an earlier post...I was trying to at least draw for an hour every day (usually ends up being math class) and the improvement has been great. I just want to work on drawing with greater action and sharper foreshortening.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this class and am very sad that it has come to an end. The first few shell drawings were not my favorite but how this last one turned out made me think...well I have gotten much better and practice make perfect. I do wish we had finished all of the muscles on the mannequin but oh well and possibly for future classes there could be more homework. I understand this sounds insane but I really did not mind homework from this class at all.

Mannequin: My good ol' friend the mannequin why have you deserted me. I was one of the very few who enjoyed my lovely muscled friend. I really wish we could have finished him and gave him life. Boo-hoo...and sad face. He only has a spine, glutes, and upper leg. I guess we will see him around campus walking on all fours. WAIT! he does not have arms...too bad he will just have to kneel there. As far as Mr. Manne goes so long and fair well, wish we could have gotten to know each other much better.

WOW! As stated above they have come a long way and will increasingly get better the more time I spend drawing each day. I am much more confident with my drawing abilities as well which is never a bad thing.

Blog: Before this class I had never posted anything on a blog. After this class I am really enjoying what they have to offer and will continue posting my recent work as awesome videos as I deem necessary. I think we needed something like 25 posts...well I have more than 55! I guess you can say I enjoyed this part of the class.

Future: If I happen to get the chance I am looking forward to joining life drawing 2. Now that there is no more life drawing class I guess I will just need to study up on my own (bought a couple books, why not use them).

This is most recent sketch I have done outside of class
(link to flikr)

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