Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What the Shell!? Oh Glorious Shell

This post will soon make more sense once I post the actual drawing I am talking about. We were to purchase a 38 x 50 or so sheet of heavy paper and draw a cross-contour of a shell. That cannot be too hard you think to yourself.
Well first of all it was! Two reasons...the scale of the piece (mine are usually done on 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper) and problem number two is my shell. The shell has some sort of freaky legs growing out of it. Question: since when do shells grow appendages? NEVER! (at least that is what I originally thought). This drawing was a little bit of a struggle to say the least.
One thing they mentioned at mid-program review was to work on loosening up and freeing up my lines. That is exactly what I did and not sure how great it worked out. When I draw I want everything to be clean and stripped to the essentials without extra clutter. I had to go back and fix many of my lines because they were incorrect for the simple fact of how I held the conte-crayon.

note to self: conte-crayons and un-controlled lines are evil

Well in the end I think I learned more from getting a little bit frustrated than I have in a while. Sometimes I need to try new things and get over everything being clean up and perfect. If I were to spend time on making all of my lines clean I would have died before I finished.

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