Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Posting In the Gallery

Quite literally, but not because our work was fantastic by any means. The gallery was empty so we all pinned up our shell drawings. After looking at my shell drawing on the wall I saw a few more things wrong but also found some fantastic items as well.

First off, the drawings all look better from 10 feet away rather than sniffing the conte-crayon dust off of the paper. Some of the contour lines I was not sure of actually looked alright once I stepped back from the piece. I also found some parts that could possibly be more defined or cleaned up slightly. As I commented in my previous post...I used a new medium as well as did not worry about super clean lines and it shows.

We also had group critiques. My group suggested that I should work on line weight (why I originally used the conte-crayon) but still push it more. Part of the reason for my lack of line weight was that I had not sharpened my tool I used a dull crayon to loosen up my lines. They also suggested to chose a view with a little more foreshortening as well. Overall they said I did a good job but to work with those for the next drawing.

side note:
I spent a good 6-7 hours on my drawing but it seems many students spent much less time. As a student and one that loves to expand my knowledge and skill I find it frustrating to see other students with a lack of work ethic. If your drawing is going in the wrong direction, restart or fix what is wrong rather than just settling for less. The shell drawings may not be the most stimulating thing I have ever done but I find the shapes very intriguing and a good way to work on modeling.

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