Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Final Design for GD2 SollieDesign Identity

This project had many ups and downs. I changed my resume design over 20 times and my logo went from graffiti look to 3D design to a geometric and simple initials. The color combination I chose was simple but bright and very contrasting to the white background. I am a sucker for my white space and when things get too cluttered it gives me a headache so I stayed simple for the most part. Mr. Jesse Lindhorst can attest to always going with pastel colors and a shade of tan. I told myself that there was to be no pastels in sight and stuck to it.

My old logo seemed to have too many things going on. So I decided to clean it up and get straight to the point- 'SD'. Brand identity is all about how recognizable the mark is. So here is what you have after two weeks of second guessing and frustrations but a product I am happy with.

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