Monday, October 12, 2009

Life Drawing 10.09.09

I am happy with how this weeks sketches have turned out. The last few weeks have been a little 'sketchy' and not too accurate. I understand that the sketches below are not perfect either but they have gotten much better in just the last few weeks.

Once we started adding the sternum everything started to fill out much better. It has become much easier to to visualize where the back bends and where the hips come in. I think that once we add the hips to the mix everything will just keep getting more accurate as well as everything else we learn. The more items we learn about and add the more benchmarks and checks we have.

Lately I have been sketching everyday (usually during math class and before bed) and will post them sometime soon.

1 minute sketches

2 minute sketches

25 minute sketch

25 minute sketch

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