Monday, September 21, 2009

Shell Contour (3.5 hours)

So after 3.5 hours this is what I have. I kept trying to get the inside of the shell to look right and I just wasn't having any luck. I started by sketching different angles for about 45 minutes to get the feel. After getting midway through my 3 hour time limit I was a little bit scared and went back and re-checked all of my lines. My shell drawing looks much better than the 1st contour sketch we did during class.
Well I guess everything can only get better from now on. In a few weeks I will finally have some sketches worth celebrating about. It only takes time and practice to get better at working with cross contour line drawings. By the end of this class I am looking forward to having a much better eye for drawing from life rather than pictures.


Linnea Londborg said...

very nice! well done.

Jonathan Sollie said...

Well thank you. At first I was a little frustrated but by the end everything was working out much better.