Monday, September 28, 2009

First Manikin Model Muscles

(I greyscaled the images to see the value and highlights much easier without as much distraction from the differences in colors.)

Here was our first try at building muscles on the manikin. I found it to be very therapeutic as well as relaxing. The one problem is that I tend to loose track of time and spend many more hours on it than expected as well and lost a few hours of pillow-time.

I knew that there were many muscles in the human body but I am now just learning how many that number really is. There are a boat LOAD of small and large muscles. For the most part I have only paid attention to the muscles under the surface of the skin, those easily visible to the eye. Well you can say that I missed a lot of the ones under the skin and am now recognizing how complex the structures really are. Well enough of my drop-jaw jabberin'.

Overall I thought that if went very well. After first thinking I had completed everything I looked back to find that I missed two muscles and made the necessary measures to fix the problem. Once we get going on these models I am very excited to learn how the muscles intermingle and weave throughout the body. I think that after building the manikin I will know much more about the structure of the human form because I touched and created each one by hand. This semester is young and I have already learned a great deal with much more to come out of it.

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